Marbella bullfight tickets

Prices for Bullfight in Marbella 2024

Below we leave you the starting prices for the next bullfight depending on the locations chosen:

Sun Tickets

  • Barrier: From €78
  • Against barrier: From €66
  • Laying: Between €45 – €78 depending on height

*NOTE: These are the cheapest tickets to the bullring because the sun shines throughout the bullfighting event. Therefore, in these types of locations the heat is greater and the visibility is a little lower.

Marbella bullring seats

Shadow tickets

  • Barrier: From €160
  • Against barrier: From €120
  • Laying: Between €60 – €110 depending on height

*NOTE: Shaded tickets are the most expensive because they are located in locations where the sun does not shine and therefore, it is more comfortable and pleasant to enjoy the show due to better visibility and because the spectator is less hot.

Marbella bullring seats

Bullfighting schedule Marbella

The lineup for the Marbella bullfighting fair has already been presented. The bullfight to reopen the bullring will feature top-level bullfighting figures to celebrate the reopening of the bullring and the 60th anniversary of the Marbella bullring.

Bullfighters participating:

Morante de la Puebla, José María Manzanares and Roca Rey

Bull Breeding Ranches

Juan Pedro Domecq, Carlos Núñez, Garcigrande, Santiago Domecq, el Freixo and Álvaro Núñez

Day & Time

June 8th, 2024 at 7.30 pm

Marbella bull poster 2024

Do you want to buy tickets for the Marbella bullfighting show?

Tickets for the Marbella bullfight are available, and you can make a reservation for your ticket. Once you made the purchase, we will send you the official Marbella 2024 bullfighting tickets on pdf format to the email with which you made the purchase. This particular bullfighting event is the first in the last 9 years so we highly recommend booking your ticket in advance due to the high volume of purchases.

The distribution of seats is done in order of list so that the first to buy bullfighting tickets will be the ones with the best seats available.

Don’t wait any longer and enjoy the entire bullfighting lineup!

Type of tickets available

Below we show the 4 types of seats that you can buy with your tickets for the Marbella bulls.

  1. Barrier: These are the seats closest to the arena, located right in the front, on top of the Burladero, where the bullfighters await. They offer a privileged view, offering more excitement and a sense of danger to the viewer. They are the most expensive tickets.
  2. Contrabarrera: They are the next seats closest to the arena, they have a good view but with a slight additional distance.
  3. Stands: These are the seats located at an intermediate distance. You can find tickets for high and low raws.
  4. VIP seats: These are private and closed spaces located in the best seats in the bullring.
Marbella bullring lying and seats

Frequent questions

El precio de las entradas para la corrida de toros de Marbella varia dependiendo del asiento escogido. Los precios comienzan desde los 45€ hasta los 270€.

There are no children’s tickets, so tickets are worth the same regardless of the age of the attendees.

We are responsible for offering you a comfortable, agile and secure way to buy tickets, acting as distributors and intermediaries between our clients and the promoters with whom we work. If you made a mistake in your purchase, please contact us inmediately to check if we can change the tickets. If you have already received your tickets or cannot go to the show, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot cancel or change your bullfighting tickets.

When purchasing your tickets, You can select the exact range in which you want to sit (laying and location on the bullring)However, the exact numbered seat cannot be selected as it is assigned based on the purchase order received, depending on the seats available at that time.
Keep in mind that once a seat is purchased, it cannot be changed. To see the available seats, choose the desired bullfight and click on the buy tickets button.

Ticket office Marbella bullring

You can buy your tickets at the bullring box office and on our website. To buy your Marbella bullfighting tickets, you simply have to select the desired event, choose the layout and height of your seats and finally pay with a debit or credit card. Entries will be sent by email to the email you provide us.

If you need help purchasing you can contact us.


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