Delivery Date:

Tickets will be sent in PDF format to email at least 2 days before the bullfighting event. We recommend checking your spam folder.

Management Fees

Las entradas tienen una comisión ya incluida de 10% de gastos de emisión + 10% de gastos de gestión. When purchasing your ticket you will not have to pay anything else.


Admission to the place and, where appropriate, the refund of the amount in accordance with current legislation. (Art. 70 RTA) is subject to having the official entry, complete, integral and not manipulated.
The period for the refund of the amount will begin from the moment the suspension, postponement or modification is announced and will end 4 days after the date set for the celebration of the show or 1 hour before the start of the show in case of modification (Art. 70 RTA) .
If the show is suspended for reasons not attributable to the company or due to bad weather, once the first bull comes out into the ring, the spectator will not have the right to any refund (Art. 70 RTA).