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VIP Boxes Marbella

  • Includes 10 seats in Shadow Tendido 1, the best places.
  • Waiter service in exclusivity for your box.
  • Special entrance door, no wait or queue.
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Included services with your VIP Tickets

Everything you need to live a unique and premium experience.

Exclusive Waiter Service

The exclusive waiter/waitress for your box will offer you a wide variety of premium beverages, such as wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks, as well as snacks, (drinks and snacks are not included in the price & will be paid in the box).

This service allow your guests to get a unique and exclusive experience to the guests of the VIP box.

Private Entrance Door

So that you can enjoy your VIP box to the fullest, you will have access to the bullring by a special door, this way you won’t have to queue or wait to enter the bullfighting venue.

Personalized attention and security included.

VIP boxes marbella bullring

Why hire a private box in the bullring?

The private boxes in the bullring offer a unique and exclusive experience during bullfights. Immerse yourself in luxury and comfort while enjoying the exciting bullfighting spectacle from a privileged location.

One of the main benefits of private boxes is the privacy they provide. Escape the bustle of the stands and enjoy a space reserved for you and your guests. You can share this special moment with friends, family or business partners in an intimate and exclusive setting.

In addition to privacy, the private boxes offer privileged views of the bullring. From these locations, you can enjoy a clear, panoramic view of the action, without losing detail of each set and each pass. You will be closer to the emotion, with a unique and fascinating perspective.

Another notable benefit is the personalized service offered in the private boxes. You will be able to enjoy dedicated attention and exclusive services, such as waiters who will serve you in your box, catering service with an exquisite selection of dishes and drinks, and the possibility of personalizing your experience according to your preferences.

The private boxes also provide a very comfortable environment. They are designed with the comfort and enjoyment of attendees in mind. With comfortable seats, ample space and multiple services, you will feel like a true VIP throughout the bullfight.

In summary, private boxes in the bullring offer a series of benefits that elevate the bullfighting experience to a higher level. From the privacy and privileged views to the personalized service and atmosphere, you will enjoy unforgettable moments surrounded by those you appreciate most.

And if you reserve the VIP Box for your clients, you can also place company advertising in the VIP Box or in front of the access door, and distribute brochures or gifts to your clients.

Discover the pleasure of experiencing bullfights from a private box and let yourself be carried away by the emotion and elegance that only these exclusive spaces can offer you.