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Information about the Marbella bullring

The Marbella Bullring, located in the province of Málaga, Spain, is an emblematic bullfighting enclosure that has become an integral part of the cultural and social life of the city. Inaugurated in 1964, this bullring reflects the profound bullfighting tradition of the Andalusian region.

With a capacity to accommodate approximately 7,000 spectators, the Marbella Bullring is known for its typical Andalusian architecture, characterized by a wide arena and stands that offer an excellent view of the show from any point. The structure is designed to maximize the visibility and comfort of the public, creating an intimate and vibrant environment during bullfights.

One of the curious facts about this bullring is that, like the traditional bullfights, it has also been used for a variety of cultural and entertainment events, including concerts, flamenco shows and festivals. This versatility has allowed the bullring to become an active center of Marbelli’s social life.

The bullring has hosted numerous bullfighters of international fame, becoming a place of prestige within the Spanish bullfighting circuit. The Marbella bullfighting festival, which is celebrated in June during the patronal fiestas of San Bernabé, is one of the most notable events in the city’s bullfighting calendar, attracting aficionados from all parts of the country and the world.

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Exterior access doors to the bullring

Exterior access doors

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interior bullring

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Marbella bullfight

Marbella bullfight

Presidency Marbella bullring

Marbella bullring

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