Information about the bullring

Welcome to the website about Marbella Bullring, an emblematic place that is not only an essential part of the Andalusian bullfighting tradition, but is also a living symbol of the rich history and culture of our city. On this page, we invite you to discover more about the fascinating features of our bullring, its rich and vibrant history, and the exciting events that have made it an essential meeting point for lovers of bullfighting culture and tradition.

Origins of the bullring

The bullring was designed by the Flemish architect Enrique Pérez Comendador and inaugurated on June 11, 1964 during the festivities of San Bernabé, patron saint of Marbella. This square was conceived during the 1960s when the city was beginning to emerge as a prominent tourist destination on the Costa del Sol.

The construction of the Marbella Bullring was motivated by the desire to provide the city with a space dedicated to bullfighting, a tradition deeply rooted in Andalusian culture. The creation of the plaza responded to the need to offer these tourists and local residents a place to enjoy bullfights and other cultural events.

Architecture and design

The bullring today

Although in the past the bullring only hosted bullfighting events inside, today you can attend all types of events. The plaza has been converted into a multipurpose space where bullfighting fans and the general public can attend to enjoy the best shows in the city.

Marbella bullfight


The plaza arena becomes a stage where all types of shows are held such as concerts, visual shows or parties in general. Its versatility and large spaces allow it to host all types of events.


Since 2015, the Marbella bullring has not hosted bullfights however, in 2024 they will be held again. Bullfighting returns with a bullfight called “Reappearance” that also celebrates the 60th anniversary of the plaza.